Writing an argumentative essay is a skill and its mastery is mandatory for students. It has become a compulsory practice for students to create complex essays on several topics according to their specific program of study. It requires students to write persuasive essay topics for kids, explain the assigned topic in detail by highlighting all its aspects. 

Mastering academic writing skills is the last resort for students. Otherwise, creating a skillful piece of writing becomes a catch-up situation for students. Usually, students at the initial stage of academic writing find learning this specific skill a challenging task due to their lack of understanding of essay writing. It is essential to mention here that mastering the art of writing complex essays is not rocket science.

There are different types of essay writing and each type has its unique purpose and importance. In some cases, there is a fine line that distinguishes one type of essay from another. After all, even a student with no previous experience in academic writing looks forward to writing an essay for me whenever a teacher assigns an essay assignment.

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay or a persuasive essay topics for kids, students are confused because the purpose of both writing papers is the same. Students often confuse the concept of both written works with each other. First, students need to understand the topic of both essays.

What is a persuasive essay?

It is a genre of essay that requires the writer of the essay to persuade others. In this essay, the essay writer has to take a firm stand on the given topic. The writer is given the opportunity to emphasize only that particular aspect of the statement on the topic. In addition, the writer must engage emotional feelings by connecting them with logical facts, figures and arguments. No examples or legitimate evidence is required. 

Understanding the concept of writing an argumentative essay

As the name suggests, in an argumentative writing essay, the student must make logical arguments regarding his or her opinion on the topic's claim. In this particular genre of essay, there is no room for emotional feelings that the writer may express. However, the writer needs cheap essay writing to be able to give a detailed overview of both sides of the topic. Only then should the writer choose a particular side of the topic. In addition, the writer should also present a counter argument on the topic.

Highlighting the difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay

There are subtle differences between the two types of essays. Sometimes it happens that students merge the topics of both essays due to lack of information or misunderstanding of both essays. As a result, students get stuck in the middle while writing both essays. Point out the differences between the two essays. 

In the persuasive essay, the writer gets the opportunity to emphasize only one side of the topic: the writer's supporting side. In contrast, in an argumentative essay, the writer must give a complete overview of both sides of the topic.

When writing a persuasive essay topics for kids, the writer must blend emotional feelings along with a logical argument. Giving examples or presenting various proofs is not required. In contrast, an argumentative essay requires the essay writer to provide vivid examples and legitimate evidence. Remarkably, there is no room for emotional feelings in this piece of writing.